Staff Bios

Jason Clevett - Owner
Jason has turned his childhood passion for reptiles & amphibians into a career. He launched Calgary Reptile Parties in 2008 and subsequently Edmonton Reptile Parties and Canadian Reptile Encounters.

Jason is the resident reptile expert on Animal Planet’s Scaled, bringing his knowledge and education to homes in 195 countries. While he loves spreading his message of responsible reptile ownership, husbandry and conservation worldwide, the up-close connections in person motivates his love of doing shows in Calgary. In addition to Reptile Parties, Jason is a former volunteer assistant gorilla keeper at the Calgary Zoo, former executive member and president of The Alberta Reptile & Amphibian Society, and has appeared across Western Canada at events as well as TV and Radio. He knows that education is the key to eliminating myths and stereotypes about reptiles, amphibians, and arachnids.

Jennifer Green – Office Manager :
Our amazing office manager is often the voice on the phone or the person behind the keyboard, managing bookings and keeping things on track. Jennifer is thrilled to be working behind the scenes while being a mom to her incredible daughter, volunteering at her daughter’s school, and spending time with her family.

Alyssa Metro – Presenter:
Alyssa is wildlife biologist with an interest in exotic pets, particularly arachnids. Alyssa has a diploma in Wildlife and Fisheries Conservation and a degree in Conservation biology. Whether wildlife or exotic pets, teaching people of all ages is a passion. She loves seeing how others keep their animals in natural habitats.

Madelena Pedersen-Macnab – Presenter:
Madelena is an Animal Sciences student at the University of Alberta, specializing in exotic animal nutrition. She loves about animals of all kinds- in addition to her 16 reptiles, amphibians and arachnids, Madelena has two horses and three ferrets. She is very passionate about spreading the joy and love of reptiles, and is excited to bring her collection of lizards, snakes, tortoise and tarantula to meet you!

Animal Bios

Here are just a few of the animals that are available for Reptile Parties:

Calypso The Brazilian Rainbow Boa - Calypso is a stunning boa that shines all the colors of the rainbow in natural light. She is a very relaxed snake. Learn how these snakes come from the rainforest and how they need high humidity in their tanks.

Rocky The Uromastyx – Rocky is a Saharan uromastyx with bright orange colors and a lot of personality. He is very active and loves to come out and explore. Uromastyx come from African deserts and are herbivores – a great pet for the lizard loving family that doesn’t want to feed crickets!

Jabba The African Bullfrog - Jabba is a huge frog, and he’s not even done growing! This species makes it’s home in the African scrublands, where the males defend their eggs and tadpoles with admirable vigilance. You will see his red throat marking him as a male, and his thick back legs he uses for digging.

Vlad The Mexican Rosy Boa - Vlad was adopted from the Edmonton Reptile Rehab and Rescue. At 5 years old and full-grown this boy is as tolerant as can be, and oh so gorgeous. Vlad looks like a typical Mexican Rosy with his nice dark grey, almost black, stripes that run from the tip of his nose to the tip of his tail.

Charlie The Red-Footed Tortoise - Charlie was rescued from an unfit home five years ago. Already alive over a decade, Charlie could live over 50 years! He is sweet and interactive, and will even come when called! Charlie loves eating fruit more than anything.

Diego The Chinese Water Dragon - Diego is both semi-arboreal and semi-aquatic! He can climb very well, and spends a lot of time sitting on his owner's shoulder like a parrot. Water dragons can hold their breath under water for as long as 25 minutes, so Diego loves to take long baths!

Other animals include kingsnakes, corn snakes, tarantulas, and more! With more than 40 species each reptile party is unique!