Q: How long does a presentation last?
A: Approximately 1 hour depending on the audience. Some groups have a dozen questions per animal, others are more reserved and prefer to just sit and take everything in. We are not “clock watchers” so we will ensure that all of the animals offered are demonstrated and we fulfill the obligations set out with the booking. Sometimes a party may end up being 45 minutes another may be closer to 90.

Q: What is the appropriate age for Reptile Parties?
A: We have done birthdays from age 1 – adults! Reptile Parties are great because they appeal to a wide range of age groups including adults, so regardless of the age mix everyone will have fun. We design our program to match the age group that we are presenting to.

Q: What is the difference between VIP and the Basic Show?
A: The basic show includes 6 reptiles and two other animals (typically a tarantula and an amphibian or scorpion). Both packages include a presentation, Q&A, and the kids get to pet most of the animals. The VIP package lets the birthday boy or girl have an extra-special day. There are two extra animals and they will get a reptile themed gift the day of the party. They will also choose an animal to hold and have their photo taken! You get an 8x10, two 5x7 photos, and a custom t-shirt with them on it! This package is a $50 value but only $35 more for a lifetime memory!

Q: How long does it take to receive the VIP Package.
Turnaround is typically two weeks but can be as short as a few days or take longer. Depending on your location it will either be dropped off or mailed via Canada Post regular mail. We take every precaution to protect the photos however once it has shipped is out of our control. Canada Post does not cover damage while in their hands. If you would like your package shipped with insurance it can be done so for an additional $10. Please advise if you would like to purchase this type of shipping. If you don't receive the package within 30 days please contact us.

Q: Can we do the show outside?:
Weather depending in the spring and summer it is possible to do a party or display even outside, at the presenters discretion. However it needs to be in a covered or shaded area out of direct sunlight for the safety of our animals.

Q: Do you do shows for schools/scout troops/churches/etc?
A: We sure do! From Sunday School to Preschool we have done many presentations. See our educational page for details.

Q: When should we start the party/when do you arrive/how long does it take you to set up?:
It takes us only a few minutes to set up. Depending on when we depart our previous party it could be between 15 – 5 minutes before the show. We ask that you invite your guests at least 30 minutes prior to the presentation so that all guests have arrived. We do need to start on time to allow us to see everything and make the next booking. We also ask you leave 30 minutes after the show before parents pick up the kids in case the show runs a bit long, and so we are not caught up trying to leave while you are saying goodbye to the your guests.

Q: My child already has a bearded dragon and a corn snake as a pet but he would like to see some other reptiles. What do you bring?
A: The first question we ask when someone books a party is “do you have any reptiles at home.” This is because we want to make sure the presentation offers something new and exciting. If you already have a certain type of animal in your home, we will try our best bring different types then what you have. With access to more than one hundred animals, we can ensure your event has a wide selection of fascinating creatures.

Q: Can we decide what reptiles come to our show?:
We do multiple presentations in a day, and it would be impossible to customize the show to each party. If there is something specific you would like to see and we have it in our collection, we will do our best to accommodate but can not guarantee that we will be able to do so.

Q: We had you for a reptile party last year/my child saw you at his friends party/school/group. Is the show the same?
A: Between the staff Edmonton Reptile Parties boasts more than 50 species of animals! We keep track of what animals go to different shows and will do our best to present a different show. Due to animal and presenter availability their may be some crossover but we will try do change it up as much as we can!

Q: How much room do I need?
A: As long as there is room for everyone to sit down, you are great! You do not need a lot of space, just room for the kids to sit on the floor or furniture. We do ask that you provide a table with a tablecloth or towel, something washable or disposable, for the presentation.

Q: Do you charge for adults?
There is no charge for adults, just for additional children after the first 10. While adults are welcome to stay for the show and participate we do ask that they respect the show. We understand that for some this is an opportunity to socialize, and ask that if adults want to talk and catch up during the show they leave the room. This way the show is not interrupted for the kids and there is no concern for stress on the animals.

Q: I am scared of snakes but I think my child would like to see some reptiles. Do you have to bring the snake?
A: We do multiple shows daily, and the snakes are in high demand. As it is unsafe to leave them in the vehicle we are unable to provide a snake-free show most of the time. We may be able to do a snake free show on a weekday. However we have proven that the best way to get over your fear is to face it! We have had many nervous parents have a great time at our shows!

Q: Is it messy?
A: Reptiles are usually quite clean. Snakes especially only go to the bathroom once a week! In the unlikely event of something landing on your floor (its more likely to land on your presenter!) some paper towel and water will take care of it.

Q: Is that poisonous?
A: Animals are not poisonous. Some animals have venom, including some snakes and lizards, but none of these are included in a Reptile Party presentation or are legal within Alberta. The invertebrates like scorpions, centipedes or tarantulas have mild venom. These animals are used as a display only demonstration and there are no hands on experiences with them for that reason.

Q: Can you bring a giant python or crocodile to the party? That would be cool.
A: Reptile Parties follow legislation from Fish and Wildlife and the Government of Alberta. Animals like crocodilians, giant pythons, and venomous snakes are not legal without a permit and unavailable for these events.

Q: Do any of the animals bite?
A: Any animal with teeth can bite, whether it is a kitten or a lizard. It is highly unlikely that any of our animals would bite anyone, and we do take extra precautions with hands-on opportunities such as only petting on the back and tail and not near the head to avoid antagonizing the animals. That said, there is a slim possibility it could happen. Snakes have small needle sharp teeth, so a bite is the equivilant of a pin prick. If for some reason it did, it would be minor. Kids are more likely to be hurt more by a fuzzy pet or even just running around and scraping an arm or leg. A rinse out and a band-aid would be sufficient. We have not had any incidents yet, but do carry liability insurance.

Q: What if it escapes in my house?
A: All of the animals are in secure containers when they are brought to your home, and taken out one at a time for presentation before being returned to the container. Any animals that attempt to wander, can quickly be retrieved.

Q: My child is obsessed with reptiles and wants a party, but I don’t want them in my house. What can I do?
A: We can respect that some people may not understand the appeal of (really friendly and awesome) reptiles and be squeamish. There are several facilities available for booking for parties and events such as community halls, churches, party rooms at various establishments, etc. If you do book an alternative venue from your home, please make sure they are ok with having reptiles on site. We do not take responsibility if the venue will not allow us to present, and you will be responsible to pay for the party in the event that it is cancelled by the venue.

Q: I’d like you to bring the big boa, but you said he was unavailable. Why?
A: Our number one priority is the health and care of our reptiles. There can be any number of reasons why an animal may not be available – snakes may have had a meal the night before, may be in shed (and thus grumpy), preparing to have babies, or already attended parties throughout the week (we don’t want to stress the animals out!) We have access to over one hundred animals so we can promise you a great time and a great variety of animals.

Q: Do I tip?
A: Gratuities are accepted and very much appreciated. We do encourage gratuities if your presenter does a great job, as we are sure they will!

Q: I live just outside of Edmonton and would love to have you at a birthday party/school/scout troop. Do you do presentations outside of Edmonton?
A: Absolutely! We will be glad to visit towns like Sherwood Park, St. Albert, Devon, Fort Saskatchewan, Leduc, Spruce Grove and Beaumont. Please note there is a small surcharge outside of Edmonton city limits.

Q: I just don’t have time to take care of my corn snake/bearded dragon/other reptile. Will you buy it?
A: No. At Edmonton Reptile Parties we promote responsible reptile ownership for its entire life. “Not having the time” is not a valid reason for giving up your animal. It did not choose you you chose it. We understand that sometimes there are valid reasons for having to surrender your animal. On rare occasions we may consider adopting an animal, but this is not likely and we will not pay to rescue an unwanted animal.

Q: We would like to include a donation to a non-profit organization as part of our party and we would like it reptile themed. What do you suggest?
A: Your generosity in wanting to help animals is appreciated. There are a few options. You could donate to The Alberta Reptile and Amphibian Society (TARAS) which is a non profit organization that promotes education, as well as sponsors two show & sales per year, one in the spring and one in the fall. They in turn have a program (The TARAS Education and Research Initiative) that has supported research projects on Alberta's short horned lizards and our bullsnakes and rattlesnakes. . Another option is to donate to the Edmonton Humane Society, which does have a reptile room as part of its program. Edmonton Reptile Parties is associated with researcher Adam Martinson who studies rattlesnake and bullsnake populations and relies solely on donations. If you would like to donate to him please let me know. Finally, the Valley Zoo is also is constantly seeking funds for conservation projects including the Leopard Frog found right here in Alberta.